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An Entrepreneur at heart.... 

Owner, David Vasquez began his career at FMC Technologies, working at Hobby Airport repairing chill water systems. From there, he entered the apartment industry, repairing and replacing air conditioners, as well as working on chill water systems and boilers. David has lead maintenance teams at over 25 apartment communities during his career, personally training and mentoring air conditioning technicians, and founded epicAC a sister business operating in the greater Houston area.


In 2010, David realized he was spending more and more time walking properties with their owners and brainstorming about ways to innovate and create beauty. David says he loves finding the beauty and potential in everything he sees and welcomes the challenge of finding the potential to create beauty where others see tired facades. ​

Find the Beauty

David hires and mentors family work crews that stay with him on project after project allowing him to eliminate middle-man pricing strategies. With an eye on value add and exit strategy, David builds with the future and equity returns in mind. 

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